About Us

Your Hair, Your Crowning glory. Boost confidence while looking good with healthy hair.

Oasis Herbal Scalp Expert is here to help you achieve that luscious looking hair with an alternative natural treatment . Uniquely formulated with natural plant extracts to cleanse your scalp in creating a conducive environment for nutrients to be absorbed which result in delayed of hair loss and promotion of new hair growth.

What we focus on Scalp Care

1. Cleanse residues that clog hair follicles while purifying the scalp.

2. Main focus on anti-inflammatory properties, alleviating scalp’s itchiness, and    sterilisation in minimising formation of toxins.

3. Restoring scalp's dermal layer in preventing hair follicle miniaturisation and weakening that contributes to hair loss.
Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair.
You deserve it.

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